Are you my Hermosa Valentine?

It's back! The Support Local Gift Exchange was so successful that we're doing it again. Local residents sign up and are randomly assigned a neighbor to buy a gift for and deliver that gift on a designated date. A great way to drive money into our local economy AND get to know your neighbors!

This time, the sign up form is different (and easier, imo), but the process is the same. Instructions:

  2. On Sat/Sun Jan 30/31, I'll text you with your randomized match.
  3. You can shop for your person from Jan 30 to Feb 11. DO NOT DELIVER your gift early.
  4. We'll do a community-wide Valentine's Day gift delivery on Friday Feb 12.

RULES: You MUST shop in HERMOSA. All shops/restaurants/business types are fair game. Suggested spending $20-30.

If you wish to update your wishlist NOW, email (I'm still working on how you can do it yourself). But you cannot update your wishlist after Jan 30.