Rye Brothers

Los Angeles based quartet Rye Brothers are an exciting, one of a kind powerhouse. Their self-described “power pop-country” is a dynamic, bright sound that’s at once unprecedented yet stands firmly rooted in the West Coast tradition of hot, progressive country music. As the ALL NEW 4 track EP makes it abundantly clear, Rye Brothers arrival signals a powerful new musical force, a high energy party characterized by big, crunchy guitars, a solid beat and expressive, harmony laden vocals.

Formed in the Summer of 2015 by the stellar singer-guitarists Justin Foutz, and the knock out rhythm of drummer Jeff Sorenson, the band hit the ground running and quickly began formulating a full set of their distinctive, rollicking music. It’s a live-wire amalgam of influences, taking a hint of Cheap Trick, the Sweet and Def Leppard with a twist of Randy Houser, Dwight Yoakam and Eric Church, all skillfully whipped together into a banging, irresistible new style.

Few have the vision and audacity to create an new genre from the ground up, but Rye Brothers’ collective drive, originality and sheer, raw talent combined to manage it with impressive ease. Add in the special guest vocals of Grammy-winning Kentucky Headhunter Ricky Lee Phelps on the instant classic American Sweetheart! Being produced and mixed by Nashville’s own Greg Archilla. Rye Brothers may have only just begun but they hold the keys to a tremendously rocking musical future.


Vaccinated at time of submission: Yes