About Hermosa One

Hermosa Beach is a special place full of amazing people, and we're all hurting right now.

This site is an attempt to do a number of things to make things better.

  1. Provide a single source for Business, Entertainment, and Volunteer information.  Basically everything happening in Hermosa right now that isn't from City Services or a large corporation.
  2. In the very near future, provide a mechanism for those businesses currently unable to sell products and services online to do so.
  3. Also in the very near future, set up a limited and hyper-local free classifieds system so that Hermosa residents can exchange goods and services as needed for the duration of the crisis.


How will online sales for businesses work?

We're going to start with one or two businesses and work the bugs out. From there we'll start adding more as quickly as we can.

Will there be mobile apps for HermosaOne?

Yes. Those are in development now and we expect they'll be live in the App Store and Google Play within 30 days.

How does the site make money?

The site has no profit motive. It is all volunteer. Once the crisis has passed we may look at switching to a for profit model but if we find we need money, we'd rather simply ask for donations than try to gouge the very businesses we're trying to help.

How do I get in touch with the site's owner/developers?

Just Click Here

What's your plan/roadmap for the site?

This is basically a shot from the hip with the thinking that the important thing is to start helping people as quickly as possible.  As such, beyond apps, classifieds, and online ordering for local business, we haven't thought too far.  (Not that any of those are simple undertakings by themselves.  If you have ideas or want to help, please  Contact Us.

Can I volunteer to help administer content?

Oh god yes.  This is going to be a beast to manage and we'll take all the help we can get.  We could definitely use help with:

  • Moderating and updating the business listings
  • Moderating and updating the streaming calendar
  • Social Media promotion
  • Ideas for features and functionality
  • Proofreading and writing copy.

Am I being tracked, placed into a database, or in any way having my privacy invaded if I use this site?

No.  We use a Google Analytics tag to see how many people are coming to the site and that's it.  We may start an email list and if we do, we won't be sharing or selling it.  Beyond that, this site isn't set up to track, follow, or "Big Brother" you in any way.

Is this an official City of Hermosa Beach Website?

No.  Aside from expressing enthusiasm for what we're doing and offering words of encouragement, the City is not involved with HermosaOne in any official capacity.