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You should be a community volunteer!

We are an organic group of volunteers who are ready and able to to help our neighbors. Started by Jessica Accamando in response to COVID, we have continued to adapt and expand as needs in our community change.

Signing up to volunteer simply adds you to an email list where volunteer information is distributed. Those calls for help include:

  • local errands/groceries
  • nonprofit assistance (Walk With Sally, Helping Hands, etc)
  • calls of comfort
  • blood drives
  • and more.

You can pick and choose what you are available for.

We ask all volunteers who perform deliveries to watch the Beach Cities Health District informational training video. But volunteers in the at-risk category or those who are uncomfortable volunteering outside of the home can still join us for online or phone efforts.

So join us! We have more than 300 volunteers signed up in the South Bay and we'd love to have you. Email Jessica with any questions at or Please also don't forget to join our Facebook group (you must have registered at the link above first).

Do you have an idea for our group? Please email me!