Hermosa: Still Open for Business

Shelter-in-place has made it difficult to get the things we need to say nothing of the strain it's put on local businesses.

This directory comes from a curated list originally compiled by Hermosa Resident Megg Sulzinger and contains the address, hours, and contact information for close to 100 Hermosa Beach Businesses that are still serving our community during the pandemic.

Use the form to get your name on the list or to contact the site's administrators to "claim" your listing.

(We aren't Yelp and have a volunteer staff all doing what we can to get by, so please pardon us if we don't respond immediately.)

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In the restaurant


Find out who's open and how to order food from local restaurants, bakeries, and specialty shops.

Shop assistant opening store


Under shelter in place it's essential to get the things you need.  These local businesses are open and here to help!

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